Welcome to our new website!

This spot will normally contain a message from Pastor Michele, Pastor Tui, or Pastor Mahesh, but I’m temporarily pre-empting it to launch this new version of our website.

Many churches and volunteer organizations have a difficult time maintaining an up-to-date website. Shoreline Church has been no exception. A member created a nice site for us, but maintaining it required substantial knowledge of things like HTML and FTP. When the creator of the site moved on, we were in trouble!

Our new site has been created (by a fellow in London, England!) with ease of maintenance in mind. It’s actually set up as a “blog”. It’s relatively easy for the pastors to submit a new message (which will appear here.) If other folks or committees want to have their own message page, we can easily set that up too.

There’s an Event Calendar to which it’s pretty easy to add new events.

No doubt there will be some bumps along the way, but I’m hopeful this new approach will work out.

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