Shoreline Church is one church, one community. But like any real community, it contains many smaller communities and groups which overlap and interact. This page describes some of those communities and groups.

Our Fellowships

» The Fijian Fellowship and the South Asian Fellowship, which met for many years at SUMC, no longer have separate services or pastors at SUMC. However, a number of Fijians and South Asians are still active members of SUMC, and our connection with those communities remains strong.

Our Sunday schools and Youth Groups

» 10:30 Sunday school

Our Study Groups

» Women’s bible study group

Meets alternate Monday evenings during the school year. Reads and discusses a book, typically written by a Christian author.

» Wednesday night study group

Meets every Wednesday night at 7:00. Reads and discusses the Bible in depth –historical and cultural background, clarifying difficult passages, life applications. No holding back. Skeptics and true believers all welcome.

» Fijian study groups

Several different groups meet weekly in homes in different parts of the Seattle area.

Our Committees

Shoreline Church’s committees are as set forth in the United Methodist Church’s Book of Discipline.  They are staffed by volunteer members of the church.

» Church Council
Consists of all pastors, all committee chairpersons, and by long custom at Shoreline, any church member who shows up. The local church’s main decision-making body. Meets third Thursday of each month at 7PM.

» Trustees Committee
The Trustees make decisions concerning the church’s buildings and assets. The Trustees are also the officers and directors of the Washington Corporation that is the church’s representative to the world of government and business.

» Missions Committee
Coordinates the local church’s own missions and its contributions of money and time to missions in the Shoreline/Seattle area and around the world.

» Finance Committee
Prepares the annual budget, audits the books, etc.

» Education Committee
Sunday School, Adult classes, etc.

» Staff-Parish Relations Committee
Essentially the local church’s Human Resources Department, in charge of hiring support staff, evaluating all staff (including the pastors), salary administration, etc.

» Hospitality Committee
Works to make sure that first-time visitors feel welcome, that the church’s exterior invites people to come in, and that we have a connection to the community. Meets alternate Wednesdays.

» Worship Committee
Works with the Pastor to plan the details of the church service, to provide a Liturgist, and to decorate the Sanctuary in accord with the church seasons.

» Praise Team
Provides music for services. Practices Tuesday evenings.