Mark’s Gospel, illustrated by 11:00 Sunday School

Mark 6:47 - 6:52
Mark 6:47 – 6:52

During the 2010-2011 school year, the Sunday school class worked its way through Mark’s gospel. Each week we read a passage and talked about it, and everybody drew a picture related to the passage. As the drawings piled up, this led to the idea of using some of them to produce an illustrated version of the Gospel and putting it up on the web.

We used the Good News Bible, but since that’s copyrighted we looked for a public domain modern-language version of the Bible we could use without worrying about permissions. We found the World English Bible , whose goal is to provide the world with exactly that: a public-domain modern-English Bible. Aside from occasionally changing where paragraphs break to accommodate our pictures, we’ve left the language just as we found it. Big thanks to the World English Bible project!

The pictures come from all our students (ranging from 6 to 24 years of age) plus our teachers (really old).

Because keeping the pictures nice makes for big PDF files, and because we’re slowly getting through one chapter at a time, we’ve provided an individual PDF for each chapter instead of one giant PDF. When we finish we’ll add a giant all-in-one PDF as well, for those lucky enough to have really fast computers and internet connections.

Mark’s Gospel, Chapter 1 (4 MB)

Mark’s Gospel, Chapter 2 (3 MB)

Mark’s Gospel, Chapter 3 (7 MB)

Mark’s Gospel, Chapter 4 (12 MB)

Mark’s Gospel, Chapter 5 (22 MB – lots of pictures!)

Mark’s Gospel, Chapter 6 (10 MB)

Mark’s Gospel, Chapter 7 (8 MB)

Mark’s Gospel, Chapter 8 (1 MB)

Mark 7:1 - 7:5
Mark 7:1 – 7:5