10:30 Sunday School

All of our members attend the first 10 minutes or so of the worship service in the sanctuary. Then the students and teachers go downstairs for class.

We currently have one class for elementary students and one for middle and high school students.

For infants, toddlers and preschoolers, we are in the midst of restructuring our nursery and preschool program. In the mean time, however, we’re committed to providing appropriate supervision and activities for any little ones that show up each week. Often a younger visitor will fit right into our regular class – the older kids are happy to have them there. Other times (especially for the youngest), we’ll get a backup teacher from the congregation to go one-on-one. If anybody in those younger age groups becomes a regular, we’ll arrange a steady class for them.

This year (2017), our teachers are Janelle Woolsey and Andy Proudfoot. A typical class goes like this:

We start by giving each student (and teacher) a minute to talk about what’s happened since we were last together. Usually this is uneventful, but sometimes it leads to lively discussions or a group problem-solving session. Then the elementary class will do a Bible story and activities.  The middle/high-school class will read from the Bible and discuss.

We always end with a prayer.

On Communion Sunday (first Sunday of the month), we all go upstairs to participate in Communion.